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Amanda’s A+ Experience with Market Express – Curbside Groceries in 30 Minutes (for $1.95)

I recently saw a flyer for Market Express which said they “deliver anything from Kroger in 30 minutes for $1.95 – no minimums, no markups, no hidden fees and free delivery on your first order!” As a busy mom, naturally I am a big fan of anything that delivers, especially groceries!

I have tried other companies that deliver groceries but what I found was that the food items would be marked up, and my normal weekly grocery bill would cost a lot more than what I was paying inside the store.  The other issue I had with those delivery companies is that they require that the customer spend a minimum of $30 or more to receive free delivery. There were many nights I would realize I was out of milk for the next morning and who wants to come up with additional groceries items just to have free delivery.

Today, my two-year-old son was napping in the other room and I had to pick up his older son from school in two hours. Bringing both of them to the grocery store is borderline torture, so I decided to give Market Express a try. The website was extremely easy to navigate and easy to order my normal groceries. Within 30 minutes of clicking the purchase button, I got a text saying the driver was on his way. I met him curbside with my entire order, nothing forgotten and the best part was that I wasn’t overcharged, my delivery was free since it was my first time… but hey, I don’t mind paying $1.95 to get this kind of awesome service!  I am so thrilled to find a delivery service where I can literally just buy what I need at a moments notice without being overcharged! Nothing is worse than realizing you are out of diapers and have to pack up both kids and head to the store. I am so excited to have them at my convenience. This is definitely a game-changer!

Whether you run out of milk or diapers like I frequently do or just don’t have time to do the weekly shopping, the trained team of Shoppers has you covered 6AM – 10PM, seven days a week.  They currently are serving zip codes: 77005, 77098, and 77046.

Let them handle the hassle next time you need something from the store:

Earn $10 in free groceries each time you refer a friend. Your friend will receive $10 in free groceries, too!

Click the link below. 

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