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Spring Cleaning fever has hit! The weather is warming up, the trees are green and we’re ready to get our homes (and cars) organized! As a mom of two small kids, I am always searching for the perfect cleaning schedule and have come to realize it doesn’t exist, but what I’ve learned is that building a team around my weaknesses helps me tackle any project and accomplish my goals.

Cue in team member #1, a professional organizer –  Ashley Grubbs, owner of Mind Your Mess, who founded her company after the realization that many people desire more organization in their lives but just aren’t sure where to start. Ashley can literally organize anything as small as memorabilia and holiday decorations to larger projects like garages, moving or estate sales. I have called her for random projects like helping me organize the pantry as well as a customizing the guest bathroom storage units.

As soon as the weather heated up this week I knew it was time to get a spring cleaning action plan. I called Ashley to get some encouragement and she recommended I start with the most daunting room in the house, which to me is the kitchen!! After three days of sorting, bagging and tossing – I can say that our house is ready to embrace the year! If you don’t want to do it all in one go, just do one room a day.

Below is a spring cleaning checklist that provides the motivation to slay the process and your sanity…


-declutter – remove anything from the kitchen that doesn’t belong and restore it to it’s “place” or toss it.  Check Ashley out in action – Click Here
-clean and disinfect the trash can
-clean the microwave and dishwasher
-clean and organize the refrigerator
-clean and organize the freezer
-clean the oven and stove top
-reorganize kitchen cabinets and drawers
-clean and organize kitchen drawers
-straighten cups, mugs, plates, bowls and glass cabinet and eliminate the unnecessary (especially those pesky kids cups with the missing lids)
-straighten plates, bowls, and other dishes and eliminate the unnecessary
-organize the pantry – Click Here for Inspiration
-clean and disinfect high chairs
-check the freshness of your herbs and spices
-determine if you need new kitchen supplies
-set up a meal plan – check out local chef Katia Dominique of LPD Kitchen who can conveniently bring your meal plan to YOU!

-clean and disinfect toothbrush holders and throw away/buy new toothbrushes if necessary
-clean and refill soap dish and/or pump
-refill lotion dispensers
-unclog drains (preventing clogged drains in the future)
-toss beauty products not used over the past year and clean makeup brushes
-clean, organize and de-clutter medicine cabinets and drawers
-clean, organize and de-clutter bathroom closet – Click Here 

Laundry/Utility Room
-clean and organize contents on shelving
-eliminate unnecessary cleaning products
-install organizers to hold cleaning products

-take anything that doesn’t belong in the bedroom and put it in the correct location
-organize your closet and donate unneeded items – the Fairy Godmother Project is an organization who repurpose dresses, shoes, suits, and accessories and donates them to teens in need of prom items
-switch seasonal clothing
-clean and organize your dresser
-clean and organized your nightstands
-flip and rotate your mattress
-clean your bedding
-clean under the bed

Play Room
-sort and categorize kid toys
-sanitize toys, gaming systems, and stuffed animals
-organize outgrown clothing and donate
-clean bath toys

-spring clean your paperwork
-clean out files and shred unneeded documents
-update home inventory documents
-review insurance policies
-check credit report
-spring clean your computer, keyboard, and mouse
-clean and organize desk drawers

Miscellaneous Items
-spring clean your purse, bag and wallet
-clean cell phones and other devices
-sanitize remote controls
-clean keys
-clean pet feeding dishes
-clean out expired medications and vitamins

-shake out entry mat
-clean grill
-schedule any yard maintenance
-check outdoor light fixtures
-check and repair sprinklers
-inspect roof shingles
-clean outdoor trashcans

– get your car thoroughly washed – we like the monthly packages at Mister Carwash 
– clean kids car seats
– organize glove compartment and middle compartment
– organize trunk and add any spring/summer items (sunscreen, mosquito repellent, etc) to your utility box

I also recommend Melissa the owner of Fresh Cleaning and More, a cleaning crew who can deep clean your house in less than two hours, calling or texting her to schedule is best at (832) 860-8241.

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