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When my parents sold my childhood home in California a few years ago they sent two gigantic boxes of memories to Houston which were a mix of loose images, discs, documents and a few discolored photo albums.  After two years of housing these boxes in my garage, I turned to Jack Perry with Doorstep Digital (www.doorstep-digital.com)a concierge mobile digital archiving service that prides itself in SAVING YESTERDAY for TOMORROW, read more here. 

Although they can come to your home to pick up, I decided to swing by his new location conveniently situated in the Galleria to see how his team works behind the scenes to digitize Houston’s precious memories and mementos.   Watch below to see Doorstep Digital in action! 





Hi everyone so a couple weeks ago I went to doorstep digital I got to see their new office and I brought over some of my old photos photo albums old cassette tapes and they were able to tale everything and digitize it so it’s really cool and I want to show their new office I want to show you the process so check it out. 

Hey how’s it goin’ hey get this do all right cool so like what I have said I have all of my stuff here it has been so my parents moved recently and they just sent me boxes of all my old stuff so with the rain and the flooding and everything I just wanted to make sure everything is preserved and in yeah in good standing so I want to show you some of the stuff that I have 

Jack: wonderful yeah you handle all these home VHS cassette DVDs okay all these we can yeah preserved.

Perfect great and I love your new location thank you thank you 

Jack: This is our production room where we organize label carefully level and separate and preserve the priceless photo collection our collection will be done here so here’s your collection Amanda and this will be labeled and this will go into ongoing project section thought she was this area this is one our newer machines have dedicated to to just  archiving and we have a lot of organizations that Houston that trust us with large to – collection schools community photographers there


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