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In an increasingly digital world, the convenience of virtual tours and online research might tempt you to skip the traditional in-person campus visit in your search for the right school.

However, there are compelling reasons why visiting a school in person remains essential in your selection process.

1) Atmosphere and ambiance. Nothing beats stepping onto a campus and immersing yourself in the atmosphere. Experience the energy, friendliness, and overall environment firsthand to understand if it aligns with your expectations.

2) Connecting with the community. Interacting with current students, faculty, and staff provides valuable insights. You can ask questions, engage in discussions, and gauge if the community is a good fit for your family.

3) Exploring the facilities. On-campus visits let you explore the facilities, art and music areas, libraries, and recreational spaces. You can evaluate the quality and accessibility of resources critical to academic and extracurricular interests.

4) Evaluating the location. The campus visit helps you assess the location of the institution. Consider factors like proximity to home, job, and your comfort with the surrounding area.

5) Visualizing your experience. Walking through the campus helps you visualize your child being a part of our community. It’s a crucial step in determining if the school is the right fit for their educational journey.

6) Personal connection. Building a personal connection with a school is essential. Don’t underestimate the power of gut feeling when choosing where you’ll spend the next years of your family’s lives.

Visit Post Oak. In addition to our fall open houses, we offer small group tours during the school day. Book your tour today and experience the difference firsthand!


This article was originally published here by the Post Oak Admissions Team

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