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Were you both practicing doulas before you were pregnant with your first child? Or did you fall into that field after you became a mother?

JenniferMy husband and I were in the military in the late ‘90’s while pregnant with our first child and I had never heard of doulas! Things have changed a lot, there are now doulas who specialize in assisting service members, but back then they were not readily available. I went through my doula training shortly after I had given birth to my 3rd child as my first step towards becoming a midwife.

Rose- I fell into the field after my first was born. I knew people who were doulas and I wanted a natural delivery but I was high-risk with my first and was told that doulas didn’t do high-risk deliveries. While pregnant with my second child, I was inspired to become a doula that specialized in helping moms deal with high-risk deliveries.


Like many new moms, no matter what age, you wear many hats and run multiple businesses. What would you say has been the biggest challenge for you to date? Is it on the parenthood side, business side? Or something else? How did you handle that challenge?

JenniferThe challenges aren’t harder on one side than the other, they’re just different. Overall my biggest issue is time, and that applies to home and business. Making sure that I’m setting aside enough time for my kids while at the same time making sure I’m dedicating time for business as well is a constant juggle.

Rose–  Getting enough sleep and self-care are my biggest issues. I will run myself ragged. My Apple Watch tells me I sleep 2 hours a night. Running multiple businesses and a homestead while taking care of 5 kids is hard. Motherhood in general is hard. Often mothers forget to take care of themselves and I’m just as guilty of that as the next mom.

Rose, you started a blog called “Corralling the Campbell’s” which gives witty and enjoyable insight into a day in life of what many consider to be the All-American Family. What prompted you to start the blog?  

RoseI always have so much going on, so many stories to share, that friends and family suggested I start a blog and YouTube channel. I finally did it, and of course it’s another thing that keeps me very busy! Writing is something I enjoy; I have my first book being released next year.


Jennifer, you started ADHD in the Family? Tell us about that? 

JenniferADHD in the Family is brand new and the fulfillment of a dream for my husband. He was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and several of our children live with it as well. ADHD in the Family allows us to share the struggles and joys of being a family with members with ADHD and its accompanying issues.   


How does both of your blogs differ from your online business with The Stork’s Warehouse and your work with pregnant moms-to-be?

RoseThere’s a lot of overlap between The Stork’s Warehouse and Corralling the Campbell’s. I offer information about pregnancy and labor and delivery through both CTC and TSW, but Corralling The Campbell’s is centered around my family and isn’t pregnancy and birth specific. It is a job that I take seriously so it does require a lot of work.

JenniferADHD in the Family is a family project. We try to involve the kids in it as much as possible so we’re able to have a lot of fun with it. I love working with The Stork’s Warehouse but it’s not something I can involve the kids in. My family sees TSW as one of Mom’s 9-5 jobs, along with our store Hemp Maiden and my online store Simply Sweet Marriage, while they see ADHD in the Family as family time.

Do you find crossover between all of the facets of your life? Motherhood, writing, The Stork’s Warehouse and a doula? Or do you actually work to keep these areas of your life separated?

RoseThey all collide. Motherhood and being a doula is what gave me the experience and information I needed to start The Stork’s Warehouse. I call on that experience while I’m researching and looking for the best products for our customers.

JenniferIt’s the same for me. Everything I am today was shaped by my marriage, raising my kids, and my career as a birth professional. It would be impossible for me to separate that from other facets of my life. 


How did you Rose come to meet your business partner Jennifer? Did you know each other because of the birth world? 

RoseWe have been friends for a long time. Since I became a mother. We both were in the birth world and we just clicked! I love Jennifer and I love having her as a business partner! She is like family to me. 


What platform(s) do you feel are the most beneficial for a mother that is seeking to start her own business or blog? Do they vary depending on outlet or are they one in the same?

Rose- Social media is now an integral part of running a business, but which platform is right for you depends on the type of business you have. Plenty of people focus on just Facebook and Instagram and that works for them. It takes trial and error and putting the time into checking out each type and tracking your numbers to see where you get the most interaction.   


It is safe to say that COVID-19 has thrown every entrepreneur for a loop this year. Did you see this as an opportunity in disguise or did it put a hindrance on your growth for CTC, ADHD in the Family, HM, SSM, and/or TSW?  


JenniferIt’s been a struggle, but we’ve seen some good during this time! Corralling the Campbell’s and ADHD in the Family are based on our lives and the pandemic has given us plenty to write about, so things may have gotten even better for them. The website for Simply Sweet Marriage is currently under construction, so hasn’t been affected in any manner. The Stork’s Warehouse and Hemp Maiden are the ones that have adapted the most. HM is a small, family-owned store and I don’t know of any small stores that haven’t had a downturn during this time. As for TSW, we initially planned on building it through personal interactions at expos and events. With those being canceled, we’ve been forced to up our social media game and expand our website.


What new options have you provided on The Stork’s Warehouse this year that sets your company apart from the competition?


RoseWe recently unveiled our biggest project to date, a web series called Dream Nursery. In Dream Nursery, Jennifer and I travel the US helping families design and create their dream nursery. Our first trailer was released September 3rd; trailers and episodes will air every Thursday on Youtube and other social media channels at 8 PM CDT. Nursery applications are available on our website.


If you could gift a complimentary subscription box to 5 people or organizations, who or what would they be and why?


RoseFor me, I would love to gift a box to Gabby Barrett, Jade Turner, Bindi Irwin, Sasha Pieterse, or  Lea Michele.  My charity of choice is PPCM Fund; as a mom with peripartum cardiomyopathy, their cause is near and dear to my heart.

JenniferIf we’re looking at celebrities, it would be Chrissy Teigen for me. She is so honest about the joys and struggles of parenthood. My favorite gift of a box is one I’ve already given. My youngest niece was born 3 months premature. She is now home and doing wonderful, but I know that my sister-in-law struggled with recovering from a c-section while working, caring for 3 other kids, and being separated from her newborn. Being able to send a box to her to brighten her day was such a joy for me. My charity of choice is Improving Birth. They’re a national organization working on maternity care reform, and I’ve been privileged to work with them for the past decade.  

What can we expect from The Stork’s Warehouse in the near future (remainder of 2020 through 2021)?


RoseWe are excited about the future! We have so much planned- an expansion of the website, an affiliate program for birth professionals, and continuing to build and expand Dream Nursery!


What is the greatest highlight of both of your careers so far or any awards you have been given? 


Rose I was awarded Top Doula in Houston two years in a row and I have received a Gold Service Award from two presidents (Bush and Obama) for community service. 

JenniferOne of the highlights of my career was serving as a doula for my youngest brother and sister-in-law last year. They lived in GA so I was unable to be there in person, but answering their questions before and after they went into appointments, counseling them while she was in labor, and then that phone call at the end after my nephew was born… it was magical.  


Which subscription box is your Top Seller at TSW?


RoseOur breastfeeding box is definitely our best seller; it has already sold out twice since we opened!


What type of birth and postpartum advocacy have you offered, or plan to do through The Stork’s Warehouse during Covid-19 Pandemic?


JenniferWe support and fundraise for Improving Birth and PPCM Fund. I also work closely with the Birth & Trauma Support Center.


Have you added any products or even services to The Stork’s Warehouse due to Covid-19? 


RoseOur virtual baby shower came about specifically because of COVID-19 and we will continue offering it in the future. It’s a great way for families to connect for these special occasions, even while they’re apart!

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