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My boys and I moved into our new house over a year ago and our garage basically remained a storage of unpacked boxes, old toys, strollers, children’s items and old yard gear that I knew I would never use again. There was no space to move, I couldn’t fit my car in it and became a huge eyesore to any neighbors who might be walking by. It was one of those things I was hoping would just fix itself!

After my divorce last year, I downsized to a smaller house and the garage was also home to reminders of our marriage, our previous homes and memories over the past several years.  It was overwhelming to even start the process of cleaning and clearing it out.

I had contemplated a garage sale, donating items to a family in need or selling them on craigslist, but the uncertainty of what to do with all the stuff kept me from taking definitive action, it was clogging up my head. The months went on and my “Paralysis by Analysis “continued.

After a friend accidentally came through the garage to come into my house, I had decided it was enough. I called my friend Leslie Isaaks, a professional organizer with Method 31 who helped me start sifting and sorting. We were able to rifle through the boxes and decide if we were going to keep, toss or donate. Within two hours I had a plan for the items in my garage. The next step was what to do with it. She helped me realize that a garage sale would be a lot of work for a small profit. Selling on facebook or craigslist can be tedious and flaky. So, it left me with the option of donating. How was I going to get all of this stuff to a charity in my Toyota?

That’s when I remembered meeting Don with Junkluggers in his bright green truck a few months ago.  I was impressed by the vision of his company.  Junkluggers hauls away items from homes or businesses for a small fee and either recycle them or donates them to local charities. They serve the Bellaire, Galleria, Heights, Memorial, River Oaks, Spring Branch and West University neighborhoods.  He told me he works with local charities and my baby and household items would find a good home. It sounded like the ideal situation and within two days I had an appointment scheduled with Don and Junkluggers to haul away my junk.

 Junkluggers  truck backed into my driveway and Don and his team member (Chris) began loading the back of their truck with my items. I watched my son’s first stroller go on the truck, then the big colorful baby gate we used to keep him corralled into the living room.  Then went the mini basketball hoop, the outgrown scooter and twinge of nostalgia hit me but was quickly followed by a sense of relief that I was finally freeing myself of objects I no longer needed.

Within 20 minutes they were done, leaving me with the most wonderfully empty garage I have ever seen. It has been over a week and I have so much joy and energy from not only being able to park my car in my garage (especially with this blazing hot sun) but also from the freedom of knowing I am not tied to my old baggage anymore. Don and Junkluggers made this a seamless and easy process that I would have never been able to do without them!

1-800-LUG-JUNK (1-800-584-5865)

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