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Be it your closet, your pantry, or your junk drawer, follow these simple steps to organize any area in your home or even your life!


Step 1: Get Clear

What are you aiming for? Why? By when? Knowing these answers makes the process much easier.

Jot down your thoughts and/or save an inspo photo. Then set a deadline in your calendar and/or reminders. If the process can’t be done in an afternoon, break your steps into bite size pieces and make a timeline for each one.


Step 2: Choose What to Keep

The better you edit, the easier you can organize. Take everything out (yes, everything!) and pile like items together (ex: pens, paper clips, batteries, etc..).

Go through each pile and be brutally honest. Do you love it? Will you seriously use it? Is this adding value to your life? Increasing your sense of tranquility or well being? Set a high bar and stick to it.

Graciously let go of anything you don’t need/love/value. Sell, donate, and recycle what you can.


Step 3: Choose Where to Keep It

Give everything a home so you can find things quickly and put them away easily. Especially the tiny random things–paper clips, chapsticks, hair ties–know exactly where everything goes.

Give the important things the “prime real estate” areas, and tweak the layout to see everything at a glance. Zones for grouped items show you what/how much you have. When possible, avoid stacking (go vertical!) and group small items in containers to prevent scattering.


Step 4: Maintain it

Play until you’ve got the right amount of the right stuff in the right places. Once you’ve created your system, stick to it! Instead of putting things down, put them away. Practice one in one out, updating items as needed. Before buying, ask “Do I need this? Love this? Will I love it in 6 months?” Invest in the items most important to you.

As life changes (new baby, new home, job changes, etc…) it’s natural to reassess your values and make updates, following these steps to do so! Remember practice makes progress and every challenge is an opportunity to learn and get better.

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