Gold Hunt Coming to Houston | Dec. 7th | West University Moms
We have hidden a treasure chest filled with $100k in Gold and Silver coins in Houston, Texas. If you find it, it’s yours to keep. Get ready for a real-life, treasure hunt & adventure!    
Follow the Adventure on Social Media by using the hashtag #goldhunthouston – Join in the conversation & engage with our epic pirate community online! Simply Search for on InstagramFacebook and Twitter!  

5 ways to prepare for the GoldHunt .

  1. Do some research of your city & it’s history.
  2. Get your map at
  3. Grab some friends and build a team. 
  4. Put on your walking shoes, bring some water & go explore.
  5. Set up your headquarters. 

3 facts the GoldHunt is the real deal!

  1. We are giving away 100K of treasure. Made up of Gold & Silver.
  2. We have an increasing community of pirates.
  3. You will get to unleash your inner child as you explore your city to find the treasure.

3 reasons why you should participate in the GoldHunt today!

  1. You can become a real-life pirate and find a 100K of gold & silver.
  2. To learn about your city.
  3. Because it is one of the most exciting experiences you will have outdoors.

4 different ways to get your kids involved in the GoldHunt.

  1. Have them make up their own Pirate Names 
  2. If they have social media, have them follow us for updates and post their best pirate selfie    #piratemode
  3. Ask them to research locations to solve riddles
  4. Make a family team – with a family pirate name. 

5 fun facts about the GoldHunt you didn’t know.

  1. It will make you go outside and search.
  2. Our Pirates are real and follow the traditional pirate way. Sometimes they lead you in the wrong direction (Pirates beware). 
  3. Just when you think you have figured it out, you may find you are farther off the trail.
  4. Meeting other pirates while our out searching will lead to hilarious conversations about how you solved a riddle or what you experienced. 
  5. GoldHunt started in May 2019

Top 10 snacks/drinks to take with you on your GoldHunt.

  1. H2O (You will need the water to stay hydrated while you explore) 
  2. Trail mix (for the trails you’ll be on). 
  3. Protein Bars (to fuel you)
  4. Chocolate (you may need the sugar rush)
  5. Fruits & Veggies (to keep your mind sharp) 
  6. Gum (to help you chew through the thoughts) 
  7. Coffee/Caffeine (to keep you energized) 

Top 5 reasons GoldHunt is good for your health

  1. You will get plenty of exercise while you hunt
  2. It will allow you to explore a varies terrains
  3. Being active outside is always great for your health 
  4. You will experience a rush of adrenalin, & joy when you think you are close to solving the hunt.
  5. You will be so busy hunting that you will crave some H2O (hydration is key) 

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