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What would you give to get just a little more free time? That’s a common question every mom has probably asked herself daily. I’m a mom of two very adorable boys – and to me, my kids always come first. As an entrepreneur, West University Moms is a passion that could keep me working all hours of the night.  Lately between tending to my kid’s needs and juggling everyday routines, I really WAS starting to stay up all night working… or somedays it would take the back burner altogether. Not to mention that I do need to get the essential “me time” if I still want to be a normal person.  It became very apparent that I needed to get help.

As a start-up company with no real budget other than my own, my resources were somewhat limited.  Over the summer I ended up “trying” to hire two different interns to help with some of the general tasks, like adding events into the website calendar, as well as doing research for the ever-growing resource sections. I don’t know if it was the summer heat but I just couldn’t get them to commit or to take ownership of the tasks.

I was serendipitously introduced to Virtual BizNest by a marketing-guru friend in Los Angeles who I grew up with and trusted. He had been previously trying to help me grow my newsletter list and was giving me great angles and tips.  One day when I voiced how busy I was and how things were beginning to fall behind, he suggested I hire a Virtual Assistant.

I had my doubts. Adding more overhead cost wasn’t high on my list and hiring an assistant halfway across the globe was not what I had in mind.  The more pressing concern that was tugging at me incessantly was my time.  Finally, I chose to dive in and give it a shot.

Virtual BizNest is unlike any other company that I’ve heard of. They offer month-to-month payment and no long-term contract agreement. My initial thoughts were, if it didn’t work, at least I wasn’t bound to keep paying because I decided to test the waters for a month. I liked that their office-based personnel system guaranteed that any task I delegated would be done professionally and on time.

Fast forward a few weeks, I was amazed by how proactive they turned out to be. There were tasks that my virtual assistant admitted were new to him, and yet he surprised me with the results he delivered. It was like he had been doing it for years, with minimal instructions and supervision. He explained that even though some of the jobs were unfamiliar to him, the company’s system backed him up. No one is left on their own. Everyone is encouraged to impart their skills and ideas. And since they work as a team, I am assured that my tasks never get unattended no matter what comes up. I love the fact that I can give them almost any job that can possibly be done over the internet. They never even hesitate to work overtime if the job is urgent!

What would I give to get just a little more free time? The risk I took has already been surpassed with the amazing quality of work they have given me. They were able to gain my trust with their consistency and exceed my expectations. During the time that they have worked for me, we never have hit a bump and everything has flowed smoothly. I never would have imagined that “testing the waters” would lead me to stay with them for almost 6 months now.

At the very least, when I go to sleep my mind is less consumed with how I will get tomorrow’s tasks completed. When I wake up and check my emails, I smile with assurance because my virtual team has completed all of the tasks I had asked them to do and more importantly, I get to spend more time with what matters most to me – my 2 little dudes.

If you are an entrepreneur who needs support (with quality results) without breaking the bank, they are just an email away. To make things even easier, I attached here a link to their website. You’re welcome! I know you’ll thank me later. 🙂

About the author:

Amanda Vlastas grew up in Los Angeles and moved to San Francisco when she was 20. A mother to two adorable boys – Mattias, 5 and Emilio, 2. She has traveled to over 55 countries. Amanda started the website West University Moms under the parent company The Local Moms Network last year with the objective of giving local moms a one-stop shop for resources and all things happening around West University Place and all over Houston.

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