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Hi there! My son, Rowdy, is 12. My daughter, Romy, is 9.

Some people might be surprised that I’m a pretty chill person, despite the fact that much of my social media content is high energy. Sometimes I feel like I should enter a room doing a tap dance so that people’s expectations of me are met. Don’t get me wrong. That would be fun. And it might just happen one day. But mostly, I love having both an energetic side and chill side and embodying each of them when it feels right. 

My two favorite things to do in Houston are eating out at one of the many fantastic restaurants, and exploring by cruising through the neighborhoods within the city. I moved into the city for the first time, from the suburbs, at age 41. Living in the city was a dream of mine for years. So I’m always grateful to soak in every moment that I get to discover new areas and eat at new restaurants. 

Because I’ve been a performer since I was a small child, social media felt like one big stage to me way back when I discovered MySpace. My love for social media continued on and eventually led to me starting my business in January 2019, Fun Love Media. We’re a boutique social media and podcasting agency based here in Houston. Fun Love Media is a creative agency, which makes it so fun. We create content for our clients’ social media accounts to help them stand out and make a positive impact on social media. And we produce and market podcasts for our podcast clients. I started my show, The Social Sunshine Podcast, back in the fall of 2019. So it’s exciting and an honor to be building a podcast network to help others have their voices heard. Our clients’ content on social media and in podcasts has been seen and heard by millions across the globe. It’s really special to be a part of helping individuals and businesses be seen and heard and make the impact on the world that they were meant to. I also founded and lead a membership community that helps entrepreneurs stand out on social media called Small Biz Social Society. Watching the members of SBSS thrive on social media is so heartwarming and fulfilling. 

The Houston community is so special and unique. Living and working in the center of the city has impacted my business and life in huge ways. I love the camaraderie of H-Town residents and how proud we all are of our city. 

I’m incredibly grateful that I get to juggle motherhood and a career as a business owner. I wouldn’t be able to handle it so well if it weren’t for my husband, Ryan. He’s a wonderful teammate and is building his own career. Yet he still handles even more of the household responsibilities than I do. And I’ve found that, more than anything else, my kids want quality time with me. They don’t even require that much of it, to be honest. Ten quality minutes together can go a long way. So I make sure to squeeze those in every chance I get. 

Before I had kids I wasn’t even thinking about being a mother. It wasn’t something that I dreamt of my entire life. I dreamt of being an actor in Hollywood. When I thought about being a mom it scared me. But when I was about to turn 30 the desire to be a mother hit me. I just knew it was something I was supposed to do. I think if I could go back and tell pre-mom me something helpful, I’d tell her to calm down and not let the stress and worry get to her as a new mom. I was so nervous and stressed out when Rowdy was a baby. Looking back I realize that worrying so much wasn’t helpful… at all. 

Sometimes I make my kids have a movie night together. They cuddle up in one of their beds and watch something they both like. This is, of course, easy on me. But the deeper reason why I do this is so that they spend quality time together. They’re older now and don’t play with toys. So that’s not an option. And between school and other activities, they don’t do a lot together during the week. But because they both love to watch movies they’re really receptive to having their own kids-only movie nights. They bicker, as siblings do. So it’s really cute to walk by and see them piled up in bed watching something together and giggling. 

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