My Pictures and Videos are a Mess! How Can I Organize Them? | West University Moms

Photos and videos are scattered about in a dozen devices, but which one is where? It’s time to get organized!

Snap a pic with your phone here, shoot a quick video there, download those family reunion photos to your laptop, and day after day all this digital stuff piles up. You’ve been hit-and-miss at uploading your photos and videos Amazon Prime. Where are those shots from the beach? What was that password to the Dropbox account? It’s a lot to stay on top of.

You love to take pictures, but when it comes to finding them you could use some help. Houston-based Doorstep Digital organizes all your pics and videos to make it easy to see everything from any device whenever you want.

  • Save all your videos and photos at several secure locations
  • Get rid of all your duplicate photo files
  • Organize your files with a system that easy, fast access to the photos and videos you want to see now
  • Manage your collection now and forever with software and equipment that keeps up with your expanding collection, including Apple Photos, Google Photos, Lightroom, Shutterfly and Synology Family Archive Server. And never worry about running out of space!

Your pictures and videos: They’re all in here, but which one is where? 

If you’re ready to organize all those soccer game videos, birthday party pictures, and other treasured memories, email [email protected] or call Doorstep Digital at 800-406-4650 to learn how you can quell your digital chaos.

A Digital Organization Success Story

Ann, a resident of Houston’s Heights neighborhood, wanted to enjoy and share decades of pictures and videos she had accumulated, including her mother’s old Super 8 films. But Ann didn’t have an easy way to find and view all her memories.

Ann lives in the Heights here in Houston. She had accumulated decades of photos and videos even her mother’s old Super 8 films. When Ann wanted a way to enjoy all these memories, she contacted Doorstep Digital.


In this video below, Jack Perry from Doorstep Digital and Ann discuss how they organized Ann’s big collection.

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