The Ultimate Non-Toy Gift Guide and Purging your Toys Approach by the Kavanaugh Report | West University Moms

I know that I personally struggle with this. It feels like every couple months it’s a birthday, holiday or special occasion. And, before we know it, there are just too many toys.

When you are a Montessori parent, it can sometimes be difficult to decide what products make their way into your home. This problem can be compounded by a desire to keep toys — especially many mainstream products — to a minimum. Yet, it can feel like there is always something happening where a gift may be needed.

I wanted to create a list of some non-toy gift options for families who just have plenty of toys. Or, for families who may just be starting on their Montessori journey who are looking to equip their environment.

When I call this an “ultimate” list, I in no way want to imply that this is an all inclusive list. I hope that I have included a nice selection of products from across the board. But, it would be virtually impossible to include every possible item that could be used in a Montessori home. So, if you love something and it’s not on this list that doesn’t mean it doesn’t fit wonderfully into a Montessori home.

I also want to clarify that I created this list specifically for home use. These are just products that you may want to consider to prepare your environment to meet the needs of your child. It’s so difficult to break these things down by age, so the most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to follow your child in making purchasing decisions!

Click Here for Full list of Non-Toy Gift Guide for Baby through 5 Years Old 
Link to Purging your Toys

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