Meet the Director, Tara Bernard: Championing Child-Centric Education at The Learning Experience (TLE) | West University Moms

Tara Bernard’s journey toward becoming the Director of The Learning Experience (TLE) in West University, Houston is a testament to her unwavering dedication to children’s education. Originally from Michigan, Tara’s path led her to Northern Michigan University, where she pursued studies in social work. After graduating, she relocated to Houston, where her commitment to childcare blossomed.

The turning point came with the arrival of her first son, Jordan. Tara found it challenging to entrust his care to a babysitter. Seeking a solution that aligned with her nurturing instincts, she secured a position at a preschool that permitted her to bring Jordan along—an ideal arrangement. Starting as the Infant and Toddler Lead Teacher, she swiftly ascended to the role of director in a large school brimming with mentors who imparted invaluable wisdom on running a preschool.

Her transition to becoming the Director of The Learning Experience in 2017 marked a pivotal moment. She received her Director Certification and headed the school’s opening in 2018; a decision she cherishes to this day. Tara’s role goes beyond management; it reflects her profound affection and dedication to the children, whom she regards as an extended part of her own family.

Building strong connections with both children and parents is Tara’s forte. She invests time and effort in fostering relationships, learning every child’s name, their unique traits, preferences, and dislikes. Her aim is for each child who graduates from TLE to feel successful, cherished, and equipped with enduring memories of their time there.

Tara’s leadership at TLE centers around the core value of integrity. She doesn’t just hire employees; she handpicks professionals and teachers who share her vision for quality education. Ensuring that her team comprises qualified individuals with degrees and a passion for nurturing young minds is paramount. The emphasis on integrity is reflected in the generous compensation, benefits, and career opportunities provided to TLE’s teachers and staff.

She’s spearheaded pioneering initiatives and programs, transforming the learning experience for children at TLE. In response to community feedback, she astutely observed the demand for a bilingual program and promptly recruited bilingual teachers. This setup ensures the lead teacher instructs in English while the Assistant teacher conveys lessons in the corresponding language. Recognizing the need for balance, she augmented the child-to-teacher ratio by introducing an additional staff member to larger classrooms. This thoughtful approach not only benefits the children but also alleviates pressure on teachers, preventing burnout. Sensing the enthusiasm for soccer among students, she collaborated with the school to hire Edgar Perez, a professional coach, to launch an inclusive soccer program at no extra cost, seamlessly integrated into the standard tuition fees.

She remains abreast of the cutting-edge trends in early childhood development, TLE has an in-house education department dedicated to crafting specialized training programs. Tara’s commitment extends to sourcing diverse trainers for the faculty, constantly seeking new avenues to enhance her leadership skills and foster the professional growth of her teachers, ensuring their success and effectiveness in the classroom.

Her empathetic nature and customer-oriented approach create an open-door environment, earning her the trust of parents seeking advice and support. Tara’s enthusiasm for her work is infectious, evident in her eagerness to step into the school every day.

A mother to three grown sons and eagerly anticipating the arrival of her first grandson, Tara revels in the joys of family life. Her passion for travel mirrors her deep love for spending quality time with loved ones.

In Tara Bernard, The Learning Experience finds not just a director, but a compassionate leader dedicated to sculpting a nurturing and enriching environment for both children and educators alike.

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