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Our family has been enjoying Prelude Music classes since we moved to Houston a few years ago.  Our older son Mattias was 3 at the time, and reveled in the wonderful instruments, songs, and dance of the Music Together seasonal collections. I was pregnant with Emilio (who is now almost two) and little did I know Emilio was attending Prelude classes in utero, absorbing it all and would later become my Rhythm Kid.

When Emilio turned three months old we returned to the family classes and noticed that he would tap his foot along to the beat and generally seemed to be keeping the rhythm. I figured it was a coincidence because he couldn’t even sit up at the time but in hindsight … that baby had rhythm!

On our drives to and from school we play the Music Together CD and at night we sing an altered version of their “Goodbye Song” which is the last song on the CD and also the last song to be sung in the classes. I changed some of the lyrics to make it a bedtime song and call it the “Goodnight Song”. Before he turned one years old he began humming along and would also start singing it to cue me it was time for bed. How amazing is that?!

At 18 months, Emilio has been the life of the party in the family class, he sings, dances, plays instruments and literally keeps the tempo, beat and the inflection of tones when he is singing. He can sing several songs from the CD and carries a tune, even some of the complex songs like Hotaru Koi which is in Japanese.

Canta y Baila Conmigo is their unique program that combines music education and Spanish language immersion.  They also host several free concerts at Levy Park and other locations in Houston, where you can bring your own instruments, blankets and snacks and enjoy a day with your family.

Aside from all of the musical benefits that my children are receiving, I personally have noticed that I can carry a tune and harmonize with songs I hear on the radio, previously I would NEVER sing in front of people because I was so off key.  I look forward to our weekly class as a relaxing and fun break from the stress of daily life and a bonding time with my kids.

In addition to the wonderful gift they have given our community, I am deeply inspired by their foundation – Prelude Music Foundation – Teaching music and movement to children in low-income schools on a weekly basis provide professional development to classroom teachers, giving them the tools and support for implementing musical learning. Aural, visual and kinesthetic methods are utilized to support all learning styles.

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