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Your body goes through many changes during pregnancy and childbirth. Sometimes it can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get back that pre-baby body, even if you eat right and work out regularly. A Mommy Makeover can offer a surgical option for regaining your confidence and improving your figure. By combining a couple of procedures, like breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and/or liposuction, the Mommy Makeover procedure can lift your breasts and flatten your stomach. However, before you schedule your Mommy Makeover consultation, read our five tips for choosing the right plastic surgeon.

  1. Make sure your plastic surgeon is board certified.

Before seeing any cosmetic surgeon, make sure he/she is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons (ABPS). This ensures the surgeon has undergone rigorous training in plastic and cosmetic surgery. They will have passed a difficult written and oral examination to show their proficiency in the specialization. Other physicians, such as a dentist or gynecologist, may decide to start doing cosmetic procedures to increase their revenue. While they are a licensed physician, they do not have the same specialized training and should not be trusted to perform cosmetic surgery and alter your appearance. Use the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) tool to locate a board-certified plastic surgeon near you.

  1. Read a variety of online reviews.

The best “word-of-mouth” recommendations can come from online reviews. Some of these can be found on your physician’s website, but Google, Yelp, RealPatientRatings, and RealSelfshould be your go-to source for testimonials. Scan these reviews to get a good feel for the popular opinion on your prospective surgeon’s Mommy Makeovers. While everything you read online should be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism, flipping through reviews is an important piece of homework when choosing a Mommy Makeover surgeon. 

  1. Is the plastic surgeon experienced with the Mommy Makeover?

Choosing a surgeon with extensive experience in Mommy Makeovers is essential for good results. Find a plastic surgeon that has been performing the Mommy Makeover routinely for many years. He or she will have the know-how and expertise to offer a state-of-the-art procedure using the latest techniques. Plastic surgery, especially the Mommy Makeover, requires complex skills and an artistic eye that can only be found in an experienced surgeon.

  1. Look over your potential surgeon’s results.

You can see your potential surgeon’s actual Mommy Makeover results by checking out their before/after photos. These pictures are an excellent way to see their skill and personal style. Do the results look as natural as you would like? Is the surgeon able to achieve the level of correction you are looking for? The more before/after photographs the doctor has, the better. This means he or she has many satisfied Mommy Makeover patients who are willing to share their results.

  1. What does your gut say about your in-person consultation?

The time will come to schedule a consultation with the surgeon. Go into this appointment armed with a set of questions (write them down so you do not forget) and ask everything you want to know. Find out about board certification and experience, as well as if the procedure will be performed in an accredited surgical suite, who will administer the anesthesia, and what to expect from the recovery. Assess everything that happens during this appointment such as the facilities, the kindness of the staff, the doctor’s demeanor, and how you felt in the office. 

If you would like to learn more about the Mommy Makeover in West University, visit the Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery website or call our Richmond Avenue office at 281.484.0088.

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