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Is your child always trying to play on your laptop or phone? You’re not alone. Screen time can feel like a constant battle, starting well before you think it’ll become an issue (like early toddlerhood). Especially now that more parents are working from home, kids see us having “fun” (ha!) on our devices and want to join in. If this sounds familiar, try making them their own gadgets out of household materials.
Below, The Local Moms Network‘s Sophie Wilson shares her instructions for an easy DIY Craft – laptop edition! “I work from home and my daughter always sees me working on my laptop and on Zoom calls. She wanted to ‘do work on the computer like Mommy’ so we used what we had lying around. She got to do a craft and play pretend, and I got to get some work done!” says Sophie. Sounds like a win-win for any WFH mom.
Materials to Gather
Cardboard or cardboard box, scissors, markers, glue stick, old magazines
Easy Instructions 
1. Find a piece of cardboard or cut a cardboard box into an 11×18 inch rectangle (the exact dimensions don’t matter).
2. Fold in half.

3. On the bottom half draw small squares for your kids to write in the numbers and letters (10 on the top row for 0-9, and 26 in three rows below that for the letters; I did 1 row of 8 and 2 of 9). I let my daughter do the alphabet in order, but for older kids you could have them copy a qwerty keyboard. You can also write in the numbers and letters for younger kids.

4. On the top half, give your kids an old magazine and have them cut out pictures of people into squares and glue them on as a “Zoom call.” You can also use old passport pictures you have laying around. Alternatively, you can have them cut out whatever they want from the magazines and glue it on, or even just draw something!
This story originally appeared on The Local Moms Network

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