Inspiring the Next Generation: A Conversation with Coach Edgar, Soccer Coach at The Learning Experience, West University | West University Moms

In the vibrant world of youth soccer coaching, Edgar Perez “Coach Edgar”, stands out as a passionate and dedicated mentor. With a love for the game that started in 2012, Coach Edgar’s journey into coaching began two years ago during college. Now, as he oversees four soccer teams at TLE (The Learning Experience), we delve into his experiences, his role at TLE, and the importance of sports for young children.

Discovering TLE:

Coach Edgar’s connection with TLE was a serendipitous find. He stumbled upon an opening online and immediately recognized it as a golden opportunity of shaping young minds through soccer resonated with him, and he eagerly joined TLE, bringing his enthusiasm and love for the sport to the children.

Teaching and Coaching:

When asked about what he loves most about teaching kids, Coach Edgar lights up. He describes the joy he witnesses when the children hit the field, their excitement palpable as they kick the ball around. The eagerness in their voices, asking for feedback and guidance on improving their skills, reinforces his belief that they are truly invested in the learning process while having a blast.

Importance of Early Sports Participation:

Coach Edgar strongly advocates for kids to start playing sports at a young age. For him, it’s not just about mastering soccer skills but instilling values like teamwork, discipline, and a healthy lifestyle. He believes that the early exposure to sports sets the foundation for a well-rounded and balanced life, both on and off the field.

TLE’s Advantage:

The unique aspect of TLE, according to Coach Edgar, lies in the equal opportunities it provides to all children. Unlike traditional sports programs with tryouts and enrollment challenges, TLE allows every child to participate in soccer without worry. Coach Edgar emphasizes the importance of treating teammates with respect, encouraging each other, and fostering a positive environment.

Favorites in the Soccer World:

Curious minds might wonder about Coach Edgar’s favorite players and teams. He admires the skills of Cristiano Ronaldo and Eden Hazard, two formidable players in the soccer world. As for his favorite team, Coach Edgar pledges allegiance to Chelsea F.C. from the English Premier League.

Coach Edgar’s journey from a soccer enthusiast to a mentor shaping young talents at TLE is truly inspiring. His passion for the game, coupled with a commitment to instill valuable life lessons, makes him a standout figure in youth soccer coaching. As he continues to impact the lives of young players, Coach Edgar and The Learning Experience story serves as a testament to the profound influence sports can have on shaping character and fostering a love for learning.

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