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St. Catherine’s Montessori, founded in 1966, is one of Houston’s most distinctive educational institutions, offering an authentic blend of Montessori education and Dominican Catholic values. It is the only area school that guides children from infancy through 12th grade with recognition from the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), founded by Maria Montessori to preserve the integrity of her work. The campus features Texas’ first K-12 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) schools. St. Catherine’s seamlessly integrates Catholic and Montessori values, fostering a harmonious educational journey from early childhood through young adulthood.

St. Catherine’s offers a continuous, child-centered journey from infancy through high school. Montessori is an “aid to life,” supporting intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social development at every stage. AMI-trained teachers curate peaceful classroom environments equipped with a full range of Montessori materials for experiential and collaborative learning. Children enjoy freedom within boundaries to explore hands-on work, cultivating self-discipline, responsibility, joy, and peace. Teachers inspire curiosity, nurture emotional intelligence, and encourage critical thinking, supporting student independence and self-confidence. 


The three-year learning cycles at St. Catherine’s cultivate dynamic social engagement and peer learning, facilitating deep, meaningful relationships between teachers, students, and families. Education transcends traditional boundaries as students take charge of “going-out” learning experiences and engage in service projects. Travel opportunities expand throughout the grades, with international travel becoming part of the curriculum in high school. These experiences are integral components of every student’s educational journey, fostering personal growth and global awareness. 

True to the Dominican charism, St. Catherine’s welcomes students and families of various faith traditions. Pillars of prayer, study, community, and preaching enrich daily life and religious education at St. Catherine’s. In the lower school, children experience Montessori-based Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, where messages of love and peace come alive through hands-on materials that nurture individual spiritual growth. The upper school studies Catholic theology and world religions, emphasizing peace and social justice in every aspect of the curriculum, giving purpose to spirituality. 

Stewardship is fundamental to St. Catherine’s ethos, with an emphasis on environmental sustainability and hands-on learning. Every class has direct access to natural learning spaces and gardens. The intentionally designed campus and holistic curriculum facilitate scientific exploration and practical, sustainable living through gardening, composting, and recycling. A hallmark of Montessori adolescent education is the real-world application of humanities and sciences. Adolescents raise chickens, harvest eggs, grow organic produce, and make soap to sell in their student-run market. The school’s commitment to environmental sustainability fosters personal responsibility and stewardship for the Earth. 

The St. Catherine’s community offers regular, meaningful opportunities for children, families, faculty, and staff to gather, joyfully learn, and develop lasting friendships. St. Catherine’s holistic approach integrates Montessori and Catholic values, nurturing each child’s innate gifts and guiding them to self-discovery of their unique voice, talents, and role in the global community. To explore and experience this vibrant learning environment firsthand, schedule a tour by emailing [email protected] or calling (713) 665-2195. 

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