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Dressing yourself for a photo shoot is a little more demanding than dressing for a day at the office. You have a significantly restricted pallet when it comes to patterns for one; busy or bold patterns such as checked skirts, striped shirts, or floral dresses do not typically photograph well. Not being able to wear a particular dress may be frustrating but it’s no big deal. The real fun begins when you are in charge of coordinating the clothing of your entire family. 

You’ve got to make sure that Dad’s pants match Sally’s dress, that Sally’s dress matches your blouse, and that your blouse matches Timmy’s sweater. All this can drive a person mad. At this point you’ve got two options: you can pop open that bottle of xanax and curl up in the corner (which is a thing we all do, right?), or you can read this blog and learn that that by following a few simple guidelines you can dress your family like a seasoned Hollywood stylist. So, read on and save the pills for another day.

Before we dive in to the good stuff let’s get this out of the way first, ‘matchy-matchy’ is not the answer. Everyone wearing a black button up and jeans, ooh, and barefoot… NO! Every family, including ours, does at least one shoot in which everyone is wearing the same color. This is extremely dated. The message you will send with these photos is that your family is not unique or interesting, and you’ve even decided to advertise it. Not the ideal image for your family.
OK, moving on.

To get a better understanding of how to get your family looking like you belong on the cover of a Vanity Fair we must go back to 1666. Just kidding, no time travel necessary! But you should be familiar with the color wheel and color theory.

Click here for the color wheel and the rest of the article by the Shelby Studio

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