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Moms are our real-life superheroes, and on top of their normal duties, navigating COVID-19 has been a totally new territory for many. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we asked a few mothers across multiple industries how they’ve juggled their career, motherhood and everything in between during this unprecedented time.

Sylvia Longoria Dorsey – Founder and Owner of Longoria Collection

Sylvia and her daughter work together and have been selling items through their website and making deliveries. They’ve seen that people are wanting to really freshen things up around the house since they’re spending so much time at home, and bed linens, towels, candles and accessories have been very popular. For clients, they are using FaceTime and even made a virtual presentation for a house they are working on in La Jolla.

“I am so grateful for all of our grandchildren. They have been working on all of their school work and not complaining. This is such a difficult time for children who are used to being with their friends,” said Dorsey.

“For Mother’s Day, we wish we could celebrate as before but we have to be thankful and can love each other from a distance. This year, we will meet outside of my son Thomas’s house with each of us having our own space. While we can only have air hugs, we’re just happy that we can even see each other in person.”

Ginger Barber – Owner of interior design firm Ginger Barber Interior Design

Ginger Barber has continued to be a design resource for her clients while staying at home. When she’s not providing inspiration for home design or gardening in her backyard, Barber has been helping her son, Chris Nash, and his fiancé, Tina, navigate the ins and outs of rescheduling a wedding impacted by COVID-19. The engaged couple had originally planned to wed in Costa Rica later this year, but amid the pandemic, have decided to reschedule to March 2021 to a venue closer to home, just outside of Houston. Barber has been helping the two lovebirds adjust their plans by researching rehearsal dinner venues and is looking forward to celebrating this special day with her son and his soon-to-be wife.

Jill Nesloney – Principal at Lee & Associates – Houston

“Being a full-time working mom with two young children during this COVID-19 pandemic has been exhausting. The first two weeks had me wanting to pull my hair out because my husband was still going into the office and I was struggling with trying to adjust nap schedules so that it didn’t conflict with my already scheduled conference calls. But after a few weeks with everyone at home we started to set into a better groove and this weird new normal started to feel a little less miserable,” said Nesloney.

“Before going on maternity leave with my second baby in January 2019, I bought a new laptop and made it my main work computer. I take it with me everywhere. I have a docking system at my office, so I just plug it in when I arrive. I did this so it would be super easy to work from home, and man, that has been a lifesaver during this quarantine. I have everything in one place, and it’s been great!”

“My kids are definitely getting too much screen time, but we are also going on lots of family walks and bike rides. When we get really cooped up, we load the kids in the car and drive around Houston looking at properties that are for sale, being that I am in real estate this is so fun for me. During quarantine my one-year-old daughter has learned to walk, which has also been quite the game changer. All in all, I am beyond thankful that my family has remained healthy and happy. This staying at home mandate has made me really appreciate my career and the great people I enjoy working with.”

Clare Teas – Co-Owner and Designer at Eugene’s Gulf Coast Cuisine

When Clare Teas isn’t checking up on her kids, she’s helping keep the family business together. She’s working with the rest of the staff to keep Eugene’s Gulf Coast Cuisine clean, manage curb side orders and writing hand-written thank you notes for loyal customers.

Nancy Almodovar – President & CEO of Nan & Company

Nancy Almodovar runs her own business and her own household! As President & CEO of Nan & Company Properties/Christie’s International Real Estate, Almodovar knows a thing or two about selling homes and staying home! How does this full-time working mother handle the COVID-19 pandemic?

“I have handled the pandemic by sticking to a schedule. Having a schedule for myself, as well as my children, has allowed us all to stay focused and productive during this time at home,” said Almodovar.
Her schedule has her waking up extra early to enjoy a cup of coffee and to have quiet time to gather her thoughts for the day. She works throughout the day, as well as manages her children’s schooling and recreational activities. She also takes the time to exercise in the garage in the afternoons and stay active by walking her two dogs.

“My advice to other moms who are balancing work and parenting, is that it is all about time management. Take the time to make a schedule for everyone and stick to it! It is important to have time for work, but also for yourself. Taking small scheduled breaks during the day are key in keeping a healthy mind and positive spirit during this time.”

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